Polaris Outlaw 525S - Updated Review.

The Polaris Outlaw 525S is a straight axle version of the 525 IRS, or a bigger engined version of the 450 MXR without the reservoir front shocks and lower sear height.

This Outlaw model was introduced in 2008, and then received several updates for the 2009 model year. The 525S continued as a 2010 model, and was then dropped from the Outlaw line for the 2011 model year. The Outlaw 525 IRS was the only 525 offered in 2011. No 450 or 525 Outlaws were carried over for 2012 or beyond.

polaris-outlaw-525s-03The Polaris Outlaw 525 S offers a KTM engine and a race oriented straight axle.

The S stands for "sand" - but this ATV will work in the woods or on the track too. The video below details all the updates for 2009, which continued through the 2010 model year as well.

2009/2010 Polaris Outlaw 525S Updates:

  • Lighter weight because that's always a good thing. 6 pounds to be exact.
  • Revised bodywork so moving around on the quad is easier.

  • Modified steering rod pivots to reduce "bump steer" and scrub radius for more stability, less  kick back at the bars, and reduced steering effort.
  • Standard 8mm bolt heads on all the bodywork and the elimination of 47 other fasteners for quicker and easier maintenance chores.
  • Aluminum heel pockets for lighter weight and easier movement.
  • Aluminum front bumper for lighter weight and a cleaner look.

Most of the changes fall into the category of tweaks. The revised steering will make the most difference where performance is concerned. And some changes to shock valving improves the stock suspension.

Polaris Outlaw 525 S - Impressions

The Good:

  • Excellent power from the bottom to the top. Quick off the line for good starts.
  • Suspension works well enough stock with some adjustability. Fox Podium shocks will do the job for a beginning racer or trail rider.
  • Brakes work well enough to race without mods.

  • Maxxis Razr tires are good enough to start with. If you do actually ride in sand, paddle tires are an obvious upgrade.

polaris-outlaw-525sOutlaw 525S in its' natural habitat.

A nicely balanced package with a little bias to the extra power. Suspension is not quite as good as the 450 MXR, but that's understandable since the 525S is not being promoted as an ATV racer.

The Bad:

  • May be a tad small for taller riders.
  • A few miscellaneous reliability issues but nothing consistent enough to call a real problem.

  • Restrictive and cramped air box.
  • Suspension may need upgrading for racing.

Like the 450 MXR, Polaris Outlaw 525S owners had very few negative comments.

"The bike is lighter than all in its class, and the power is incredible. All this and I had to do nothing to the bike except a pipe and paddle tires."

"Unbelievable! I've ridden for over 10 years, many modified rides, and this quad is the ultimate ride for experienced riders!"

"I absolutely love it! It has extremely fast acceleration and a lot of torque! This machine is MX-ready right out of the box!"

Conclusion: Polaris Outlaw 525S

The Polaris Outlaw 525S gives the sport ATV rider that prefers straight axle handling a choice. You don't want the more narrowly focused and smaller engined 450 - or the independent rear suspension on the 525 IRS?

Then here you go ... The lightening fast 525 KTM engine paired with the predictable handling and lighter weight of a straight axle sport quad.

I believe for it's intended purpose - sport ATV riding - it's ready to go right out of the box. If you want to do some weekend warrior racing, it might need a suspension upgrade but not much else.

polaris-outlaw-525s-022009/2010 Polaris Outlaw 525 S
MODEL Outlaw™ 525 S
M.S.R.P. * $7,399.00
ENGINE 4-stroke KTM racing
STARTER Electric
CLUTCH Hydraulic manual
TRANSMISSION 5-speed with reverse
FINAL DRIVE 520 O-ring chain
SUSPENSION Front: Dual A-arm; 10 in. (25.4 cm) travel
Rear: Mono-shock swingarm; 11 in. (28 cm) travel
BRAKES Front: Dual hydraulic disc with dual piston calipers
Rear: Hydraulic disc
TIRES Front: Maxxis RAZR-R radial; 21 x 7-10
Rear: Maxxis RAZR-R radial; 20 x 10-9
LENGTH 71.5 in. (181.6 cm)
WIDTH 47.5 in. (120.7 cm)
HEIGHT 44.3 in. (112.5 cm)
WHEELBASE 50.5 in. (128.3 cm)
SEAT HEIGHT 31.3 in. (79.5 cm)
GROUND CLEARANCE 5 in. (12.7 cm)
DRY WEIGHT 369 lbs. (167.4 kg)
FUEL CAPACITY 3 gal. (11.4 l)

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