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If you're thinking about changing your stock Honda ATV wheels - there are going to be a few things to keep in mind. Not thinking about changing wheels? Well hold on there Bucky - maybe you should!

ATV wheels are the most popular accessory purchased for Honda four wheelers. Why? Several reasons, but most owners change wheels to have access to a better selection of tires. Others just want to upgrade the looks of their Honda ATVs and wheels make a bigger difference than almost anything else you could do.

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Honda ATV Wheel and Tire Kits

Honda ATV Wheels and Accessories

Is Bigger Better?

So are larger Honda ATV wheels the best way to go? That depends on your type of riding. Most wheel upgrades will come down to a choice between 12" and 14" diameters. Tire choice will factor in to which size is best for you. Either one of these sizes will offer more tire choices than the stock 11" wheels that come on most Honda ATVs.

The 12" size will probably work the best for most riders. You get all the benefits of greater tire selection without the problems that come with the larger 14" wheels.

What problems? Clearance is the biggest issue. Larger diameter wheel and tire combinations can rub fenders and interfere with steering and suspension. They also affect braking and acceleration more than the smaller 12" wheels. And handling can suffer from the higher center of gravity, causing the ATV to be more "tippy". Not a good thing.

So when would you want to use 14" wheels? Mud riders tend to favor the larger size because the more serious mud tires come in this size. If ground clearance is important to you - then the bigger diameter tire/wheel package is the way to go.

Anything Else?

Glad you asked. As a matter of fact there are a few more things. Most aftermarket wheels are aluminum which means you can expect a few differences from the stock steel.

  1. Better performance in braking and acceleration due to less rotating weight.

  2. A little more likely to sustain damage from rocks and other debris. Aluminum is a softer metal so if you ride rocky or rough terrain - the more tire sidewall area the better. Give those rims as much protection as possible.

  3. Cheaper wheels are known to sometimes have pin holes that lead to air leakage. Not really that big a deal, but it is a frustrating nuisance.

  4. 12" wheels will usually give a better ride due to the tire sidewalls being taller and absorbing more bumps before you feel them. 

The trick is to just be honest with yourself about the type of riding you do and the real reasons you are considering changing wheel sizes. Basically, don't bolt on the biggest wheels and tires out there if that's not what you really need for your type of riding.

A good rule of thumb is to see what other guys are using that do the same type of riding as you. I always like to let someone else do the experimenting and then benefit from their experience. It's way less expensive!

Where are the Deals?

The best bang for the buck is the tire/wheel combination deal. Lately we've been impressed with the deals that can be found at Ebay Motors. They've made it easier for "little guys" to have stores there. So the "little" guys that couldn't afford to have a store before can compete with the big guns on a level playing field now.

That all means more competition and better prices for you. And as usual, we have custom links to show the best deals without wasting your time.

Here's the links for the best deals on Ebay Motors.

Disclosure: Links have discount prices for you and may pay small commission to us. Details

Honda ATV Wheel and Tire Kits on Ebay

This link will show you all the Honda ATV wheels and accessories (like spacers, bearings, and hubs) that are available.

Honda ATV Wheels and Accessories on Ebay

ATV Accessories Guide.

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