ATV Kelly Blue Book Pricing Instructions.

Here they are! Step by step instructions for using the ATV Kelly Blue Book to find the real value of your 4 wheelers. The folks that run the KBB values site sure don't make it easy. Since most ATV dealers like to quote bluebook values, we thought it would be good to show you how to get that same info.

The Kelly Blue Book has two sections - one for trade values - and the other for dealer retail prices for used ATVs. We'll show you how to look up both. So get your calculator warmed up and let's get started.

atv-kelly-blue-book-1Find the highlighted box on the KBB home page.

If you start from the Kelly Blue Book home page - look down the right hand column for the Motorcycles listing like the one hi-lighted above. Click on either the word or image. You should end up on a page like the one below.

atv-kelly-blue-book-2Click on Motorcycles to get to the next step.

atv-kelly-blue-book-3Choose the button by the value you want to see.

This is where you choose between trade-in value and dealer retail price. In this example we're going to look up ATV Kelly Blue Book retail value. Click the Kelly Blue Book Retail Value link.

If you want to see the Trade-in value - just click on that link - the instructions are identical, only the prices are different.

atv-kelly-blue-book-4Select the year model from this page.

Click the year model of the ATV. Ignore that it says motorcycle values right now. We'll look at 2006 for this example.

atv-kelly-blue-book-5Choose the ATV manufacturer from this list.

Click the ATV Manufacturer you want. We want to see Honda ATV prices in this example.

atv-kelly-blue-book-6Motorcycles and ATVs are listed together.

Look down the listings until you see the ATV categories. You will click on the model name you want to see.

atv-kelly-blue-book-7Be sure to click where the arrow is pointing for the final ATV price.

We selected a Honda TRX 350 Rancher 4x4 in the example above. Note this price is a suggested starting point for negotiation and assumes the ATV is in excellent condition.

Notice the red arrow is pointing to a link named "additional equipment". Click on this for the last step in arriving at the true Kelly Blue Book retail value of a 4 wheeler.

atv-kelly-blue-book-8Values for common accessories.

Look at the Off-Road and ATV listings for the values of some popular optional equipment. Just add these prices to the suggested retail value of the ATV for a more accurate true retail price.

So that's how to find the hidden, secret ATV Kelly Blue Book values! We hope that cleared up any confusion. And remember - these prices are only meant to be a starting point. There are a few ATV dealers who like to pretend they're carved in stone - now you know the truth!

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The ATV Blue Book Guide. How to find current trade-in and retail prices for used ATVs.

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