2009 Arctic Cat ATV Prices.

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Our quick reference guide of 2009 Arctic Cat ATV prices lists all the models for 2009. Since times are tough right now, Arctic Cat is offering some special deals, rebates, and low cost financing.

Several dealers we checked are knocking a few more dollars off these listed prices to help get you on an Arctic Cat ATV.

List of 2009 Arctic Cat ATV Prices.

Category Model Price
Youth 90 SE 2,599
Youth 90 DVX-SE 2,599
Youth 150 3,199
Sport Utility 250 3,699
Sport Utility 366 5,649
Sport Utility 500 4x4 - Manual 6,649
Sport Utility 500 4x4 - Automatic 6,849
Sport Utility 550 H1-EFI 7,399
Sport Utility Max-4 Camo 7,899
Sport Utility 550 HF1-EFI-LE 8,299
Sport Utility TBX 650 TBA
Sport Utility 700 H1-EFI 8,129
Sport Utility Max-4 Camo 8,629
Sport Utility 700 H1-EFI-SE 8,679
Sport Utility 700 H1-EFI MudPro 9,529
Sport Utility 700 HF1-EFI-LE 9,029
Sport Utility Thundercat 1000 H2 11,199
2 Up TRV 400 6,999
2 Up TRV 550 H1-EFI - Red 8,099
2 Up TRV 550 H1-EFI - Blue 8,299
2 Up TRV 550 H1-EFI-LE 8,999
2 Up TRV 650 H1 TBA
2 Up TRV 700 H1-EFI Cruiser 9,929
2 Up TRV 1000 H2-EFI Cruiser 12,499
Sport 300 DVX 3,949
Prowler UTV 550 H1 EFI 9,499
Prowler UTV XT 650 H1 10,399
Prowler UTV XT 700 H1 EFI TBA
Prowler UTV XTX 700 H1 EFI - Blue 11,629
Prowler UTV XTX 700 H1 EFI - Camo 11,729
Prowler UTV XTX 700 H1 EFI LE 11,989
Prowler UTV XTZ 1000 H2 EFI 13,999
Prowler UTV XTZ 1000 Baja TBA

Arctic Cat is doing everything they can to help get you on an ATV. Check with your dealer on current rebates and discounts from the 2009 Arctic Cat ATV prices. This may be the best time ever to find a deal on a new Arctic Cat.

Check out the Arctic Cat ATV Guide for more info.

Click here for the full 2009 Arctic Cat brochure.

For used Arctic Cat ATV prices, there are a couple of good guides to check. The NADA Guide and the Kelly Blue Book. They both have a list of available options so it's easy to see how much those add to the price.

The NADA Guide is the easiest to use, but the Kelly Blue Book is still the most popular. It's not a bad idea to check both guides just to compare the prices and use them to figure a good price bracket. 

Click here for NADA Used Arctic Cat ATV prices.

Click here for Kelly Blue Book used ATV prices.

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