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arctic-cat-atv-prices-wildcatThe Arctic Cat Wildcat is big news this year!

These Arctic Cat ATV prices for 2012 are a quick reference guide of the suggested retail prices of new models. Since the 2012 models have been introduced, these prices may be reduced by the dealers. We suggest calling several ATV dealers in your area to check for any "special" deals they may be offering.

2012 Arctic Cat ATV Prices

Category Model Price
Youth 90 $2,699
Youth 90 DVX 2,699
Youth 150 3,499
Recreation Utility 300 4,099
Recreation Utility 350 5,499
Recreation Utility 425i 5,999
Recreation Utility 425 SE 6,499
Recreation Utility 450i 6,999
Recreation Utility 550i 7,799
Recreation Utility 450i GT 8,099
Recreation Utility 700i 8,899
Recreation Utility 550i GT 8,899
Recreation Utility 550i LTD 9,499
Recreation Utility 700i GT 9,999
Recreation Utility 700i LTD 10,599
Recreation Utility 1000i GT 11,999
Sport Utility XC 450i 6,999
Sport Utility MudPro 700i 10,299
Sport Utility MudPro 700i LTD 11,199
Sport Utility MudPro 1000i LTD 14,299
2 Up TRV 450i 7,899
2 Up TRV 450i GT 8,999
2 Up TRV 550i GT 9,799
2 Up TRV 700i GT 10,599
2 Up TRV 550i Cruiser 10,699
2 Up TRV 700i Cruiser 11,499
2 Up TRV 1000i GT 12,999
2 Up TRV 1000i Cruiser 13,899
Sport 300 DVX 4,099
Utility 700 Super Duty Diesel 10,299
Utility TBX 700i GT 10,299
Prowler UTV XT 550i 10,999
Prowler UTV XTX 700i 12,999
Prowler UTV HDX 700i 13,499
Prowler UTV XTZ 1000i 15,599
Wildcat Sport Side by Side 1000i HO $16,599

Download brochure for Arctic Cat ATV Prices with more info about each model.

All the Arctic Cat ATV Prices above are the latest Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for each model listed. Most Arctic Cat dealers will offer some sort of discount or "deal", so be sure to check with a few local dealers before you buy.

Prices are up for almost all models this year, so bargain hunters will be disappointed. If you are looking for a better deal, be sure to check around for any left over models from previous years. Dealers are usually much more willing to discount these ATVs to make room for the new four wheelers.

Arctic Cat has streamlined their line up and expanded the selection for some of the more popular models like the MudPros and two up models. There are basically only two option packages this year - the GT and LTD designations.

GT Package for ATVs - Includes aluminum wheels, automotive style paint, and electric power steering.

LTD Package - Comes with everything in the GT option, and adds a winch and heavy duty bumpers.

The i designation - Any Arctic Cat ATV models with the little i means they come with electronic fuel injection standard.

The Arctic Cat Wildcat created quite a buzz this year. Follow the link for our full review of this radcal new Arctic Cat sport side by side.

So that's all we know right now about Arctic Cat ATV Prices. If there are any changes or additions with mid-year model introductions, we'll post it here first. Be sure to check back often.

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