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The Polaris ACE model line for 2019 has been downsized to three models plus a youth model. There are distinct differences in power and pricing among the three full size models. 

The base model now has a 500 class ProStar engine. Next step up is the ACE 570 EPS, which has now inherited the double A-arm front suspension of the previous version of the 900 ACE. It now comes with power steering as a standard feature. 

The ACE 900 XC is the top of the line, with a big increase in power, long travel suspension, higher ground clearance, and a wider track width. A much higher price tag is also included.

Polaris ACE Models

ACE 500 - $6,999

polaris ace 500Polaris ACE 500 gets updated ProStar engine.
  • ProStar 500 SOHC engine 32 horsepower.
  • 50 mph top speed.
  • Macpherson strut front suspension 
  • 8.2 inches of wheel travel. 
  • Dual a-arm rear suspension.
  • 9.5 inch rear wheel travel 
  • Front and rear anti-sway bars
  • 10 inch ground clearance 
  • 1500 lb tow rating 1.25 inch receiver hitch
  • Bed box capacity - 240 lbs
  • Front rack - 120 lbs
  • Tilt steering and adjustable seat 
  • Side nets
  • Weighs 846 lb

2019 ACE 500 Specs

polaris ace 500 front suspensionMacPherson strut front suspension.
polaris ace 500 rear suspensionDouble a-arm rear suspension of ACE 500

The Polaris ACE single seaters combine the running gear of one of the most popular ATVs, the Polaris Sportsman, with the controls and seating position of a side by side UTV.

The base mode ACE 500 bridges the gap for those that like the size and agility of an ATV, but want the safety and comfort of a side by side without the extra weight, width, and expense.

Even though it may look and feel more pure sport oriented, it will actually handle most utility chores as well as its' ATV cousins. 

The front rack can carry 120 lbs., and the bed box an ATV doesn't have will carry 240 lbs. It can also pull 1500 lbs. with the included 1.25 inch receiver hitch.

For recreational trail riding, The ACE 500 has enough power and handling capability to handle most any situation at moderate speeds.

When you consider everything the ACE 500 can do, we think it's a good value for the price.

polaris ace 500 trailACE 500 is a good tight trail performer.

ACE 570 EPS - $8,999

polaris ace 570ACE 570 EPS gets updated front double a-arm front suspension and power steering.
  • 570 ProStar 570 single-cylinder engine
  • 45 horsepower 
  • 60 mph top speed
  • Now has a dual a-arm front suspension 
  • 9 inches of front suspension travel 
  • Dual a-arm rear suspension
  • 9.5 inch rear wheel travel 
  • Front and rear anti-sway bars
  • 10.25 inch ground clearance
  • Electronic Power Steering
  • 4 wheel disc brakes
  • 1500 lb tow rating 1.25 inch receiver hitch
  • Bed box capacity - 240 lbs
  • Front rack - 120 lbs
  • ¼ doors
  • 25 inch Carlisle tires on steel wheels
  • 900 lb curb weight

2019 ACE 570 EPS Specs

polaris ace 570 cargo bed.240 pound bed capacity.
polaris ace 570 full cab.Optional full cab.

The only 570 ACE offered now comes equipped with the double a-arm suspension of the previous 900 version, as well as standard power steering. 

If you're looking for a significant step up in power and speed, the 570 fits the bill. Of the three models, the 570 hits the sweet spot of power and handling balance the best. 

For the more performance focused rider, the ACE 570 will run with most sport/utility ATVs and side by sides on anything short of wide open trails. 

The tighter and knarlier the trail, the more the advantage swings to the Polaris ACE. It easily goes on 50 inch trails, can fit a standard pickup bed, and doesn't take up much space in the garage.

Is it worth $2k more than the 500? Considering most of the extra cost is the power steering, we think it is.

polaris ace 570 eps side viewPolaris ACE 570 EPS

ACE 900 XC - $12,999

2019 polaris 900 xc2019 Polaris ACE 900 XC
  • ProStar 900 78 horsepower parallel twin engine
  • 74 mph top speed
  • 59 inch width
  • Front and rear Suspension - Long travel dual A-arms with stabilizer bars 
  • Walker Evans Clicker Needle Shocks 
  • Over 12 inches of wheel travel
  • 13" ground clearance
  • Electronic Power Steering
  • Tilt steering & adjustable seat slider
  • True On-Demand All Wheel Drive
  • 4-Wheel hydraulic disc brakes
  • Bed box capacity - 240 lbs
  • Front rack - 120 lbs
  • ¼ doors
  • 27 inch GBC Dirt Commander tires on aluminum wheels
  • 1050 pound curb weight

2019 ACE 900 XC Specs

polaris ace 900 xc front suspensionACE 900 XC with wider front suspension.
polaris ace 900 xc rear suspensioinLong travel suspension has over 12 inches of travel.

The ACE 900 XC is a lot more in several ways. A lot wider. A lot more wheel travel. A lot more power. And, a lot more money.

So much more, that it finds itself competing with the all out performance RZR RS1 at only $1,200 more.

On its' own merits, the 900 XC clearly offers more performance than the 570, but $4k more? 

Polaris doesn't recommend towing with the 900 XC, it's too wide for 50 inch trails, and with the added power and weight, it loses the nice balance of the 570.

Sure, it has a lot more performance on wider trails than the other ACE models, but for not a whole lot more money, the RS1 has significantly more.

For someone that wants the ultimate ACE, the 900 XC does the job. But it would be hard for us to justify the price with a RZR RS1 sitting next to it on the showroom floor.

polaris ace 900 xc windshieldACE 900 XC with optional folding windshield and full doors.

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