Four Wheelers for Sale - Top Ten Best Values.

What are the best values among four wheelers for sale in today's market? Seems like a reasonable question to us. In fact, it pretty much is begging for a Top Ten list. So if you're like us, and find yourself looking for the most ATV per dollar - here's your list!

You'll notice all the choices are from the utility/recreation category. We feel like that classification itself represents the most value for dollars spent. Naturally, we looked for the best bang for the buck among those four wheelers for sale.

Best Utility Four Wheelers For Sale

Arctic Cat

four-wheelers-for-sale-arctic-catArctic Cat 300 - $3,999

This new utility/recreation entry level ATV from Arctic Cat brings a lot of bang for the buck. Check out all the premium features on one of the best bargain priced four wheelers for sale!

  • Liquid cooled four stroke engine
  • Digital gauges
  • 2wd with automatic CVT transmission
  • front and rear disc brakes
  • independent front suspension
  • swing arm rear suspension - 5 inches of travel
  • front and rear racks
  • 500 pound towing capacity.

four-wheelers-for-sale-arctic-cat-650Arctic Cat 650 - $7,299

If you like big bore utility machines, this 650 is one to look at. Check out these features. Four wheelers for sale in this class rarely come equipped this well for anywhere near this price.

  • liquid cooled four-valve, four stroke engine
  • Automatic CVT with EBS(engine braking system), Hi/Lo Range and Reverse
  • electrically selected 2/4 WD + Diff Lock
  • front and rear disc brakes
  • front and rear independent suspension with 10 inches of wheel travel
  • 2 inch receiver hitch
  • 1,050 pound towing capacity
  • speed rack system.


four-wheelers-for-sale-honda-reconHonda Recon 250 - $3,899

This smaller 250 is considered an entry level ATV, but don't let that fool you. The Recon is a solid, reliable, workhorse of a 4 wheeler. Being smaller can be an advantage if you ride tight trails or have to operate in confined areas.

  • OHV, longitudinally-mounted, air cooled, 4-stroke engine
  • electric start with auxiliary recoil
  • 5-speed transmission with reverse and automatic clutch
  • 2wd with shaft drive
  • front disc brakes with sealed rear drum brake
  • Independent front and swing arm rear suspension with 5 inches of travel.

four-wheelers-for-sale-honda-rancherHonda Rancher 420TM - $4,999

The Honda Rancher series is one of the most popular ATVs ever produced. There are several good reasons for that. The size, weight, power, and handling of the Rancher is all most folks need or want in an ATV. You will always find one of these near the top of any list of value priced four wheelers for sale.

  • Fuel-injected OHV, longitudinally-mounted, 1-cylinder, liquid cooled 4-stroke engine
  • Electric with optional auxiliary recoil starting
  • 5-speed with reverse transmission - automatic clutch
  • 2wd with shaft drive
  • front disc and rear sealed drum brakes
  • front independent and swing arm rear suspension with 6.3 inches of travel.


four-wheelers-for-sale-kawasaki-bayou-250Kawasaki 250 Bayou - $3,599

The 250 Bayou is about as simple and reliable as a hammer. You won't find cutting edge technology, but you will find plenty of reliability and easy maintenance. That's just enough to land on most Top Ten Best Four Wheelers for Sale lists.

  • single cylinder air cooled engine
  • 2wd
  • Independent a-arm front suspension with swing axle rear.
  • Drum brakes front and rear.
  • 5 speed manual transmission with auto clutch.
  • 450 pound towing capacity.


four-wheelers-for-sale-polaris-sportsman-500Polaris Sportsman 500 HO - $5,999

The Sportsman 500 is the best selling automatic 4x4 in the world in its' class. Primarily a utility ATV, you can do plenty of trail and sport riding when the chores are done. This is really a feature packed mid-size ATV for the price.

  • liquid cooled single cylinder four stroke engine
  • On-demand true all wheel drive
  • CVT transmission with Hi/Low range and reverse
  • shaft final drive
  • four wheel disc brakes
  • McPherson strut front suspension with 8.2 inches of travel
  • Independent rear suspension with 9.5 inches of travel
  • 1,225 pound towing capacity.

four-wheelers-for-sale-polaris-sportsman-touringPolaris Sportsman 500 Touring - $7,399

The Sportsman 500 Touring is the most feature filled ATV in the two up class for the money. Designed specifically for a rider and passenger, this Polaris will do anything any two people would normally want to do.

  • liquid cooled single cylinder four stroke engine
  • On-demand true all wheel drive
  • CVT transmission with Hi/Low range and reverse
  • shaft final drive
  • four wheel disc brakes
  • McPherson strut front suspension with 8.2 inches of travel
  • Independent rear suspension with 9.5 inches of travel
  • rack capacity - front 90lbs. - rear 180 lbs.
  • 1,225 pound towing capacity
  • 5.3 gal. easy-access cargo storage

four-wheelers-for-sale-polaris-sportsman-800Polaris Sportsman 800 - $7,499

The 800 Sportsman may be the most ATV for the money on this entire list! It will work all week and then go anywhere you want on the weekends. With that much power and all wheel drive, there's almost no obstacle the 800 can't conquer. No list of the best deals on four wheelers for sale would be complete without the Sportsman 800!

  • Twin cylinder liquid cooled four stroke engine with Electronic Fuel Injection
  • On-Demand True All-Wheel Drive (AWD)
  • shaft drive
  • Automatic CVT transmission with Hi/Low range and reverse
  • four wheel disc brakes
  • McPherson strut front suspension with 8.2 inches of travel
  • Independent rear suspension with 9.5 inches of travel
  • Rack capacity - front 100 lbs. - rear 200 lbs.
  • 1,500 pound towing capacity


four-wheelers-for-sale-yamaha-big-bear-irsYamaha Big Bear 350 IRS - $6,299

This one may seem pricey for a 350 class 4 wheeler. But, consider you're getting a mid-size machine with fully automatic transmission and selectable 2/4 wd, and independent front and rear suspension - then it starts looking like much more of a bargain.

  • Air/oil cooled single cylinder engine
  • Yamaha Ultramatic® V-belt with all-wheel engine braking / Forward, Neutral, Reverse
  • Yamaha On-Command® push-button, 3-way locking differential, 2WD, 4WD, locked 4WD, shaft final drive
  • front disc brakes with sealed oil bath multi-disc rear brake
  • Front suspension: Independent double wishbone, 5-way preload adjustment; 6.3 in. travel
  • Rear suspension: Independent double wishbone, 5-way preload adjustment; 7.1 in. travel
  • Rack capacity - front 90lbs - rear 180lbs.
  • 1,100 pound towing capacity

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