2019 Can-Am Maverick Sport Xmr
New model for mud riders.

Meet the 2019 Can-Am Maverick Sport Xmr. Mud riders get their own model, just like rock crawlers who got the Sport Xrc. 

Can-Am Maverick Sport Xmr Features

Maverick Sport Xmr Mud Features

  • Arched lower control arms front and rear for better clearance and less change of hanging up on debris.
  • High mounted engine air intake and CVT air intakes, along with exhaust mounting to allow operation in deeper water.
  •  14 in. cast-aluminum wheels with 30 in. ITP Cryptid tires with deep lugs for better mud grip.
  • Locking front differential with electronically-controlled automatic modes - including a mode just for mud riding.
    2WD / 4WD with front diff. lock / 4WD MUD / 4WD TRAIL.
  • 15 inch ground clearance.
  • 14.75 inch front and rear wheel travel.
  • FOX 2.5 PODIUM Piggyback shocks with compression adjustment.
  • 4,500 lb. winch with synthetic cable and front tow hook.
  • Fender flare extensions for extra protection.
  • Special package seats and decals.

Maverick Sport Standard Features

  • 100 hp Rotax v-twin engine - liquid cooled and electronic fuel injection.
  • Throttle by wire system called intelligent throttle control (iTC).
  • CVT transmission with electronic belt protection.
  • Electric assist variable speed power steering (DPS) with tilt adjustable steering wheel.
  • Front and rear disc brakes.
  • 90.6 inch wheelbase with short overhang at front and rear for better clearance.
  • Digital instrument display with bright all weather visibility.
  • High capacity 650W magneto with extra electrical power for accessories.
  • 1614 pound dry weight.
  • 300 pound cargo box capacity.
  • 1,500 pound tow rating.
  • 2 inch receiver hitch.
  • Integrated front steel bumper, half doors, injected UHMW full skid plates.
can-am maverick sport xmrRear facing engine air intake and transmission vent snorkels.
can-am maverick sport xmr-2High ground clearance and arched control arms for less chance of hang ups.
can-am maverick sport xmr-3Integrated front bumper, winch with tow hook, and special mud tires.
can-am maverick sport xmr-4Special snorkel and exhaust mounting.

Conclusion - If mud riding or trail riding in swampy areas is your thing, The Maverick Sport Xmr may be just what you're looking for. $20,999 MSRP base price.

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