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atvs-on-ebayFind great ATV deals on Ebay Motors.

On any given day there are almost 1,500 ATVs on Ebay listed for sale. You probably already know Ebay is the largest market place in the world. Add the nearly 35,000 parts listings and you can see why this is a happy hunting ground for bargain hunters.

But as usual, with the good comes the bad and the ugly. That's why we've put together these tips to help you stay out of trouble and get a super deal.

Ebay really is a great place to find what you need, there are just a few precautions to be aware of to make sure that everything goes smoothly. You can start by clicking on the custom link below. We set it up to update constantly so it always shows the latest listings.

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Find great deals for ATVs on Ebay

Top Tips For Ebay Buyers.

Do your research - Spend a little time learning how to find listings that you want to see. Be sure to "drill down" to the most specific description possible.

Check auctions that have ended for the same or similar item to see what they sold for. This will give you a good idea of what you can expect to pay.

Check the sellers feedback rating - If there are too many negatives without reasonable explanations from the seller ... walk away. I also like to see a fair amount of recent selling activity. A 98% or better rating is what I look for.

Read the item description very carefully - Like with a magnifying glass! If you see anything that doesn't look right, make a note so you can ask the seller about it before you bid.

Ask questions - The time to ask is before you own it! Don't assume anything. What you take for granted, the seller may not. If a seller is legit, they won't mind answering some questions.

Be sure you understand the shipping charges and return policy - A few sellers still try to pull the old trick of pricing an item for an unbelievably low price, and then charging an outrageous shipping fee!

If the shipping charges aren't clear, or you don't see them anywhere, definitely ask the seller about them before you bid or buy.

Don't bid if there aren't any pictures - This would be a huge red flag! There's really no excuse for not having good pictures up these days. (Unless you're trying to hide something).

Get the sellers contact info - If you're bidding on something expensive like ATVs on Ebay, you can request the sellers contact info which should include their phone number. Get contact info here.

Search sellers auction history - It's nice to know what other items have been sold recently. Just look for anything unusual or out of character.

Pay with Paypal or a credit card - Both these methods are traceable and have systems in place to handle disputes. If there is a problem, your chances of getting your money back are a lot better.

Complete your transaction on Ebay - protection programs don't cover transactions conducted outside of Ebay. It's just not worth trying to "beat the system". Besides, there is no cost to the buyer, so you have nothing to gain.

For more expensive items, like ATVs on Ebay, an approved escrow service is a good idea.

I know all the tips above might sound a little negative. But remember that Ebay Motors is one of the most shopped sites on the entire Internet. Satisfaction ratings are among the highest of any sites.

And I'll bet that out of the 1,500 ATVs on Ebay every day - there is a screamin' deal to be had!

Ebay ATV Auctions Guide.

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