Aluminum ATV Trailers - Buyer's Guide.

Aluminum ATV trailers have been considered a luxury in the past but that perception may be changing. Rising fuel prices, a trend to smaller vehicles, and a desire for more durability and less maintenance have put aluminum trailers on many shopping lists.

The purpose of this Buyer's Guide for ATV Aluminum Trailers is to reveal the details of these increasingly popular ATV haulers. Learn about the pros and cons, the best design features, and the variety of available models. If you want to see the best deals today, use the link below.

Aluminum Trailers -
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aluminum-atv-trailersAnswers to your aluminum ATV trailer questions.

Aluminum ATV Trailers - Advantages

Light weight - The lighter weight of an aluminum trailer offers several advantages over a heavier steel ATV trailer.

  • Better fuel mileage from towing less weight
  • Can be towed by a smaller vehicle

  • More cargo can be carried due to trailer weight being less of the total towing capacity.

  • Lighter trailers are less stressful to the towing vehicle and improve stability.

Durability - Aluminum won't rust or corrode when exposed to the elements outdoors. Trailers can last 30 years or more even when exposed to harsh weather conditions. When you consider the long life of an aluminum trailer - their cost per year is much lower than a steel trailer.

Higher resale value - Since aluminum trailers don't rust, they retain their looks much better than a painted steel trailer. A well maintained aluminum trailer will depreciate much less over time. Aluminum trailers also have a higher perceived value than other materials.

Less maintenance - Aluminum trailers don't require painting since they don't rust or need protection from outdoor conditions. That means no paint chips to repair or rust to worry about.

Better weather resistance - An aluminum ATV trailer can be left outdoors uncovered with no ill effects. Try that with a steel trailer and you'll have a pile of rust where the trailer use to be!

Factor the extra cost of garaging a steel trailer or having to buy a cover and an aluminum trailer starts looking like a much better deal.

Design Differences of Aluminum ATV Trailers.

Open Bed


Tilt - Trailers with a tilting bed eliminate the need for ramps. That saves even more weight and leaves extra room for more important cargo.

ATV aluminum trailers like the one shown can easily be towed by most compact cars.

The biggest downside to ATV tilt trailers is if you need to haul more than one four wheeler.


Ramp - This trailer design is the most basic - a flat bed with ramps for loading your ATV.

Ramp trailers are moving up the scale though. Many are available with hinged tailgate ramps.

Another twist on the ramp trailer is the drive-on and drive-off model like the one pictured. A V-nose allows you to load your ATV from the rear and then ride off the front from either side.


Side load - A variation of the ramp style trailer but with the option of loading and unloading from the sides.

Side load ATV trailers are the best option if you need to haul several ATVs. You have the ability to move any of the ATVs without having to reposition the others.



Lift top - Basically just a hinged top added to an open trailer. They improve wind resistance and therefore the mileage of the towing vehicle.

You will also have added security and more room to store other cargo. There is a weight penalty but most enclosures are made from lightweight materials like aluminum or fiberglass.


Fully enclosed - The ultimate in storage area and security. They are more difficult to load and unload, but a model with a V-nose and front ramp doors makes that a lot easier.

An enclosed aluminum ATV trailer is considerably heavier than other models and will require a larger tow vehicle.

If you're tight on storage space an enclosed trailer gives you the option of storing your ATVs and gear in the trailer. Add locks to the ramps doors and they're as secure as any outdoor storage building.

Aluminum ATV Trailers - Conclusion

The main question about aluminum trailers is do they offer better value for the money? That really depends on your needs.

If you want to downsize to a smaller tow vehicle that gets better fuel mileage - it makes a lighter trailer more attractive. If you want a long lasting trailer that requires very little upkeep - it's hard to beat an aluminum trailer. If you want a trailer that holds its' value over the years - nothing is better than an aluminum trailer.

Fact is - aluminum trailers may not cost that much more than other types. From all the examples above you can see that there's a trailer for almost every budget. We don't see the trends toward smaller vehicles with smaller towing capacities and higher fuel prices reversing in the future. That's why we recommend seriously considering an aluminum ATV trailer.

ATV Trailers - Buyer's Guide from Aluminum ATV Trailers.

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